Lord Vicar to attempt another CD pressing!

Lord Vicar have annouced the release of their next album, The Black Powder, on the respectable The Church Within label. You know, the kind that goes behind artists’ backs to re-release sure-sellers, or which sends out faulty CDs to those who were naive enough to pre-order…

Will the CD version of the album be a fan-pleasing single track one again, or will the otherwise resilient Kimi Kärki succumb to industry pressure and allow his fans to pick tracks this time?

We’ll find out just this May!

In the meantime, let’s feast our hungry eyes on some really, really cool photos from the production of said masterpiece…

And we start with this one, a highly artistic representation of two musicians and the artist affectionately known as “Blonde Ambition”:

XL fridge

Whoever managed to distract Kimi for a few moments to take this picture, while he was surrounded by snacks and other edibles, is a master of persuasion. Deep bow!

Here is Kimi again, pulling the same face he did when Oli told him about the succesful pressing of their previous album, Gates of Flesh, which was intended to be “deliberately shorter than previous albums”, with “shorter, punchier songs”. But wasn’t.


Moving on, a snapshot from the recording of The Black Powder:

oh No No please No

We love the look on Chritus’ face, bracing himself for the inevitable moment when Kimi might open his mouth to “sing”. Lol.

And finally, presumably an instance of the album’s playback:

oops I did it again

Some people don’t learn from past mistakes. It’s sad…

Lord Vicar to attempt another CD pressing!

Sami Albert Hynninen has the right not to go to the beach!

In a typically cryptic post on a typical data mining operation, his enlightened majesty Sami Albert of Hynninen posted a link to a preview song from Spiritus Mortis’ forthcoming album, “The Year is One”, followed by what initially seemed like the incoherent ramblings of a deranged mind…


Upon closer scrutiny, however, we realized those are actually the lyrics to the song, that typically cryptic Sami decided in a bizarre twist to share with us. We have to admit those lyrics are possibly the most open and personal we have read from Sami. We also have to admit they don’t match the song, at least to our ears. Perhaps Sami should have kept them for one of his solo projects, where the musical value is undermined anyway.

And if Sami ever wants to “have been in Heaven”, we heartily recommend a trip to Chile, where the weather is sunny and the girls won’t steal your money. Now that Tamara no longer lives there.

Sami Albert Hynninen has the right not to go to the beach!