The Trials and Tribulations of Peter Vicar

Life is full of difficult decisions. On the one hand, you’re almost 40 (more on that next week!), a family man, a career person, and a recognized online academic. You want to be rid of the remnants of your foolish youth. On the other, if you cut off your manly mane, how are you gonna convince the punters that you are still totally doom metal, so they part with their cash for your brand new, and “deliberately shorter” album?

It’s a tough call. Obviously, you are an educated man, so your mind is racing back to the ancient Greeks, and their “Παν μέτρον άριστον“. The median is always the best. The safest way, the straight and narrow, no confusion, no surprise, as another, English, poet once wrote.

That’s how you end up rocking the toilets of North London with a mop known as “the Kurt Cobain”. Or “the Taylor Swift”, depending on who you ask…

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How very, very C.O.T.D.