Pleased to Meat you !

While perusing the informative and illuminating Opium Warlords facebook page, which never ceases to intrigue, challenge and delight us, we stumbled upon a post that involved featuring one of their songs on a streaming portal/website… “Ah, lovely!”, we thought. “This might help save some units from the dust of the record label office.” However, upon clicking the link, we were horrified -HORRIFIED!- to see a steak, mincemeat and other vulgarities…


“How strange,” we thought, tucking into our spinach, fennel and quinoa salad, “that a self-proclaimed advocate of vegetarianism like Albert Witchfinder should not only allow one of his songs to feature on a website that glorifies meat consumption, but also to unashamedly post about it on facebook…” One plump radish later, we remembered who it is we’re talking about, so we shrugged it off, and went back to our hummus…

Enjoy the song, try it with a side order of meatballs and a dollop of bacon-fried hypocrisy:

Pleased to Meat you !