Lord Vicar’s The Gates of Fail

Life works in mysterious ways. We had prepared a very special post to mark the release of Lord Vicar’s The Gates of Flesh, when we learned that the release date had been pushed back, as the CD booklets were printed with errors. We delayed making our post public, and wrote another on the booklets as well.

Then, last week, Lord Vicar revealed on their facebook page that the CDs were printed with errors, as well. Or, to be more accurate, one error: the whole album is one track.


As DWA HQ erupted with laughter, we’re being merciful and keeping both aforementioned posts unpublished for the time being, waiting to see if three’s a charm.

Not wanting to leave our readers without material, however, here are some tidbits flying around DWA’s office since Lord Vicar’s stark revelation came to light:

“Well, the press release did say they made the songs shorter on purpose.”

“It also said that they wanted to fit the album on a single vinyl… how do you fit a 42-minute track on a single vinyl?”

“Executive produced by Patricio Vera.”

“I don’t mean to be rude, but as soon as they got Albert in the band, things really started happening for them.”

“I’m gonna email their record label, ask if they have any real cheap, nice, round and silver beer mats they’d like to get rid of…”

We actually have shot out some emails, to perhaps confirm our suspicions on a few things, and we will return, probably on a more serious note, as soon as.

Lord Vicar’s The Gates of Fail