Are Lord Vicar implying something with regards to Pagan Altar’s Terry Jones?

The doom metal community, ourselves included, shed real tears last week, at the news of the passing of Terry Jones, lead singer of true legends Pagan Altar… We have seen several facebook updates, forum threads, blog posts and comments, all mourning a man whose music -and voice!- touched many, during Pagan Altar’s lengthy and prolific career.

We weren’t, however, best pleased to find a post on Lord Vicar’s facebook page on the matter, that included the lyrics to the Pagan Altar song “Judgement of the Dead”, one of their better known songs (then again, which of their songs would be “lesser known”, when they are all gems?) :

lord altar10

The lyrics very obviously deal with evil people, corrupt leaders, politicians and war generals, who, having died, face up to “Judge Satan”, and we can hardly see it as a fitting tribute to a man who was loved by all who really knew him. Sure, the words were written by him, but we severely doubt he had himself in mind when he wrote them. Posting them as a tribute was in extremely bad taste, and totally inappropriate.

So, do Lord Vicar know something we don’t? Are they knowingly trying to blemish a good and kind man’s reputation?  Or are they simply retarded morons?

Are Lord Vicar implying something with regards to Pagan Altar’s Terry Jones?

Sami Hynninen reaches out to Ville Valo !

We nearly chocked on our donuts this morning here at DWA, when we read a facebook post in which his reclusive Magickal Highness, Magister Albert Witchfinder, wished Ville Valo would start wearing Opium Warlords t-shirts (note the plural):


Dearest Sami, you have repeatedly made your utter lack of intelligence and distance from reality painfully obvious in the past, recent and otherwise, but please do try to level with us on this… If you don’t make Opium Warlords t-shirts available, how do you expect Ville Valo to start wearing them? Do you reckon he’s gonna pop down to his local t-shirt printing shop and make them himself, then start wearing them? Not even Kimi Kärki has done that, and he owes his entire career to you!

Plus, didn’t you abhor fortune and fame in the first place? Didn’t you dissolve the only band you played in that actually sold records because you couldn’t handle their success? Didn’t you repeatedly wax lyrical on the moral and ethical advantages of not selling records? Didn’t you become a recluse, to renounce the mortal world with all its material trappings, or at least say that you did? WTF, Sami? W T F ???


Sami Hynninen reaches out to Ville Valo !