curb your enthusiasm! lord vicar will not… we repeat, not strip !

Blog readers emailed us this news item, about a “Lord Vicar Superstrip”, and immediately we started looking at flights, keen on the idea of Peter Vicar’s voluptuous figure gyrating to an exquisitely compiled soundtrack, or Chritus working the pole like no one else knows how, his lithe, slithering body moving gracefully to the sound of “Leper, Leprechaun”…

But sadly it turns out it’s just a fancy name for a patch! Meh.


how many grown men does it take to open a parcel?

The very next day after our previous post, a bizarre photo appeared on the Lord Vicar facebook page, featuring sealed parcels in some kind of wheelbarrow:


Surely, if these parcels include the vinyl pressings of Lord Vicar’s “Gates of Flesh”, whoever received them could take the extra 2 minutes to open the parcels, right? Or at least one of them, and take a photo of the contents instead? Seeing as we’re talking about “something special” and “never seen before in the Doom Metal history”? Right?

Well, four days later, still no photo of the contents, no records received by anyone anywhere, no emails to enquiring pre-buyers…

Meanwhile, the man who does not need a mask anymore, our beloved cultural historian Kimi Kärki has left to go on holiday, while those parcels sort themselves out…

You couldn’t make this stuff up! You honestly couldn’t.

how many grown men does it take to open a parcel?

The Reverend’s Bizarre fascination with Flesh continues…

Reverend Bizarre posted a photo of an indecently underdressed, bleached blonde, severely made-up and pouting female on their facebook page, as she appears to be wearing the shreds of what used to be a band t-shirt…

kiss me Sami

Predictably, there was a flurry of comments by RB fans who wished to express their appreciation for the depicted merchandise model, but apparently the minds behind Reverend Bizarre (we’re using this combination of words reluctantly) were not pleased, and made their displeasure known…


This is not the first time the gentlemanly (and occasionally feminist) members of RB jump to the defense of a female who has ripped their band name to shreds (although this time a bit more literally), but we can’t help gawping in astonishment… What did they actually expect when they were posting such a photo?