5 thoughts on “does anyone actually buy opium warlords records?

  1. Nico says:

    Let’s not forget that the label who released this went out of business shortly afterwards… Touched by the wand of Magister Witchfinder, Lord of Succesful Endeavours 😀


    1. Amy Sari says:

      hey man, that’s uncalled for, partial, and unfair. Sami CHANGED LIVES! Tamara is enjoying a happy life in a safe, rich country with a man slave, Pato is rich beyond any imagining, and that’s all because of Sami! So, yes, his wand works… don’t be petty, please.


  2. Tama Ra says:

    Sami! it’s been too long since MWT… I’m sure most of your fans have forgotten, or are new fans and do not know at all… Let’s do a reissue! 500 more copies, sold to 3 or 4 different buyers each. Hit me up! let’s do the paperwork… We should totally do this!


  3. The Blade says:

    hahahahha. lmao. he can’t even afford a hesburger for that money! hopefully Tamara can help him out again, make some money…


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