gratuitous nachos commercial

muncho villa

Kimi Kärki, chief lyricist of renowned COTD Doom Metal band Lord Vicar (and formerly the frontman of Reverend Bizarre), recommends a diet full of carbs and processed food for a healthy lyric-writing process… Nothing like an influx of useless calories of no nutritional value to stimulate whatever limited braincells you have and open the gates of existential poetry!

gratuitous nachos commercial

9 thoughts on “gratuitous nachos commercial

  1. The Crunch Within says:

    Kim is not writing lyrics in this photo. He’s trying to think how you say “Remember the index numbers this time, please!”, in German…


  2. Tama Ra says:

    Kimi is a real gentleman! He put my monetary needs over his fans, and that’s commendable… I wish there were more men in the world like him!


    1. Quick-hand Cream Göran says:

      My Beloved Tamara, I don’t have any fans (because my band sucks), but I will put your needs over anything else… money, european citizenship, foot massage, ass kissing, anything. now and forever. Love, your Göran :))


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