Sami Albert Hynninen has the right not to go to the beach!

In a typically cryptic post on a typical data mining operation, his enlightened majesty Sami Albert of Hynninen posted a link to a preview song from Spiritus Mortis’ forthcoming album, “The Year is One”, followed by what initially seemed like the incoherent ramblings of a deranged mind…


Upon closer scrutiny, however, we realized those are actually the lyrics to the song, that typically cryptic Sami decided in a bizarre twist to share with us. We have to admit those lyrics are possibly the most open and personal we have read from Sami. We also have to admit they don’t match the song, at least to our ears. Perhaps Sami should have kept them for one of his solo projects, where the musical value is undermined anyway.

And if Sami ever wants to “have been in Heaven”, we heartily recommend a trip to Chile, where the weather is sunny and the girls won’t steal your money. Now that Tamara no longer lives there.

Sami Albert Hynninen has the right not to go to the beach!

3 thoughts on “Sami Albert Hynninen has the right not to go to the beach!

  1. Led says:

    This blog is a really weird mix of kinda funny and hopelessly petty.

    Though I still think it would be funny if Void/Jari was the one writing all these posts.


    1. The Blade says:

      You’re either too young to remember the Magick swindle, or one of those idiots who keep telling Sami he can do no wrong and made it happen…


      1. Led says:

        I am neither of those things, I’m not a fan of Sami outside of RB, and I am aware of what happened with Magick With Tears. I just think its funny that this blog is a thing, as the standard thing to do would be just not pay any attention to the RB guys after that, but the writer here clearly saw an opportunity for comedy along with discrediting the RB guys as is obviously his intention.


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