In the Rectory of the Bizarre Unicorn

Jari Pohjonen, formerly also known as Earl of Void, i.e. the drummer in most of Reverend Bizarre’s recorded output (but not a founding member), celebrated his 40th earlier this month, which must be big news, as Peter Vicar interrupted the steady stream of “check out how great they say my new Lard Vicar album is” posts on Reverend Bizarre’s facebook page to let us know about it.

We have a bit more respect for Jari than we do for the other two members of Reverend Bizarre’s last active line-up (which is not saying much really, as the respect we have for those two is nil), so we’ll simply repost the published photos from the event and let you enjoy them, perchance also to draw your own conclusions…

1 2 3

Kimi Kärki took some valuable time out from trying to explain to reluctant buyers of his new platter that “there is absolutely nothing that can be done” about the disc’s eccentricities (noted in our previous post), to perform some songs and air his feet in some delectably classy sandals…


We’re not sure what exactly is happening in this photo, but we assume the technician (the less portly man, on the right) is applying autotune to Kimi’s vocals in an attempt to keep the guests from leaving early…


Possible set inclusions: “By this Tiara I rule”, “The March of the War Unicorns”, “How to burn a CD with no track index”, “Beware of the man with two sandals”.

Happy belated birthday, Jari! 🙂 we mean it…


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