It’s still not the end of the world as we know it!

Whoa, what a week! Not only the world did not end on tuesday, despite Albert Witchfinder’s hopes, fears and repeatedly strictly accurate predictions, but also Sami Hynninen hit the four decades mark, as of yesterday…

Sami has accomplished much during his time on this earth, certainly far more than other men twice his age (and half his size), and today he looks to the future with renewed enthusiasm and joie de vivre, new-found maturity and a certain sense of understanding.

Yeah, right. Who are we kidding? He just booked himself a weekend in the UK for easter…

Nevertheless, thanks to the magic of the internet, our associates have access to exclusive Sami Albert photos, with which they worked hard to put together a possible timeline for Sami Albert’s birthday celebrations. ‘Ere we go:

Dawn found him refreshed, in his custom bed linen and beauty mask…


He quickly jumped out of bed to enjoy a nutritious breakfast in his space shuttle-themed dining room…


On with the day’s events! First things first, the garden decorations need to be approved. Even if it’s your birthday…

a garden party

Soon afterwards, a welcome reunion with old friends, who sure bear a certain likeness to ex-members of Reverend Bizarre…

bizarre reunion

And finally wrapping up the celebrations in the strip joint where Tamara works…

panic at the disco

Happy birthday, Sami. Hope you had a great day. Needless to say, we do wish you all the best! 🙂

It’s still not the end of the world as we know it!

3 thoughts on “It’s still not the end of the world as we know it!

  1. John Thomas says:

    He’s boasting of a thirty-year music career and he’s only forty. Whatever next?
    Here’s a classic Albert quotation:

    “Of course we all use some masks. When I go to the psychiatric polyclinic or the supermarket, or wake up in jail, I act differently, BUT all of those masks are real. In music all that I do is real. That is why I have not got a large audience – it is all too much for many – but it is a very DEVOTED audience, and that suits me fine. I do not belong to the mainstream, or among the masses. I am more like a small atom bomb there among the people, ready to explode and clean the air.”

    He tries his hardest to build his own mythology, doesn’t he? It’s such a bore.


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