Lord Vicar reveal plenty of flesh for “The Gates of Flesh”

Finnish doom metal laughing stocks Lord V-card have revealed the artwork for their forthcoming attempt for superstardom…

horny vicar with groupies of the COTD

But what does it mean? Surely such an unusual choice for cover art has multiple layers of symbolism, known only to Peter Vicar himself, a man renowned for his extensive education, artistic expertise, exquisite taste and deep immersion into the spiritual existence… Surely lowly doom metal fans like the staff of this blog could never peel away the layers to reveal the truth behind this bold and brash artistic statement…

Could perhaps our readers provide us with their input, to help us on the narrow path of understanding?


8 thoughts on “Lord Vicar reveal plenty of flesh for “The Gates of Flesh”

  1. Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe says:

    well, judging by the quality of the painting, it wasn’t done by Albert, which is preposterous! how will poor, poor Albert be able to afford porn mags and bubble gum if not even the bands he plays in entrust him with artistic responsibilities???


  2. City of Sin says:

    Peter has sure come a long way from being the man who wrote “Sodoma Sunrise”… now he’s a refined lover, and a refined lover of art to match! shame he can’t write songs like that anymore, though.


  3. Pato De Gama says:

    Kimi chose this painting as it encapsulates one of his fantasies, where he’s the satyr (haha), and the nymphs are Tamara and her girlfriends, offering to make it up to him for their change in fortunes… sadly, it hasn’t happened yet.


  4. Pancho De Vila says:

    The nymphs represent the members of Lord Vicar, and satyr is a vertically challenged member of a somewhat unsuccesful epic doom metal band from yorkshire…


  5. BenHerbstrouter says:

    Yes, yes yes yes, i was there and can confirm the thing with your friend Brian and the guys moms! Good thinks work out alright in the end.


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