A Halloween tale with a moral.

It’s Halloween. Sami is lying in his bed after a stressful day of trick or treating. He’s had to wash his hair because kids kept throwing eggs at him while shouting “Retard Weirdo!”, and after eating the entire contents of his treat bag, he’s feeling dozy.

He thinks back to when his friend Tami convinced him to climb inside a toilet bowl. There was some terrible stereotype, she said, that Sami could dispel by putting his head in the toilet. As soon as Sami was inside the toilet, someone kicked it and it started rolling… Sami was not concerned about who had kicked the bowl, despite the fact that there was no one around but Tami.

He was rolling downhill now, towards the sewage tank. “I’m picking up speed!”, he thought to himself, gleeing with pride. “I must be headed towards a bright future!”.

Then the kids outside threw another egg at his window, and he woke up.

A Halloween tale with a moral.

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