Lard coming soon to a venue near you !

Among the criticisms most often directed at our humble blog, the one that sticks out is that we feature a lot more posts on Magister Albert than on the other ex-members of Reverend Bozorre… A fair criticism, of course, but we can’t help it if Albert’s footinmouthitis provides us with material a lot more often. Perhaps if Kimi and Jari were more vocal about their political and moral views, we’d have more fodder for our cannons.

Luckily, however, this month we can bring you great tidings from the camp of Lord Vicar, who have often been heralded, by Kimi himself of course, as the “natural successor to Reverend Bizarre” (there’s actually a post on this very subject somewhere in our unpublished archives, but none of our staff can keep from laughing long enough to edit and publish it), as they are going on… drum roll… tour! Yes, tour!


Not sure ourselves what Sombreros have to do with doom metal, but let’s stick to the facts: four dates all in all, lest the boys get tired or bored of playing the same generic dross over and over, with the last date taking place at the prestigious “TBA” venue…

While our staff reporters are busy making arrangements for which of these dates they are going to attend, we would like to wish the boys a series of safe journeys, well-portioned meals and steady merch sales (an aspect of touring that’s very close to Kimi’s heart), and suggest that if Kimi and Jussi did the tour on their bikes, this could greatly contribute towards their overall health and well-being. Jus’ sayin’ though, we’re not medical experts.

Lard coming soon to a venue near you !

2 thoughts on “Lard coming soon to a venue near you !

  1. John Thomas says:

    I’ve no idea who writes these posts but they’re truly brilliant. This one made me roar.
    I’ve some funny and absolutely priceless stories to tell you about these lads, trust me.

    Liked by 1 person

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