Shock and Awe! Notoriously Reclusive Artist to Perform Live !

Shy introvert Sami Albert Hynninen, who forsook the corrupt mortal world to stay at home and have mindless arguments on facebook, will be gracing the stage with his new flight of fancy, Tähtiportti, this coming weekend:

Sami and his new best friends (TM) will be taking to the stage of Ääniwalli, Helsinki, where they will be able to astound the gathered masses with faithful renditions of songs from their Svart-released debut (and most likely only) album, plus, possibly, some surprise tracks. We say “faithful renditions”, as, due to the electronic/programmed nature of the “music”, any and all allusions to “playing live” are… funny, to say the least.

Sami very helpfully posted all relevant info on his facebook page, which he loves so much, including a direct link to the online ticket merchant, where those interested in attending this groundbreaking event can purchase tickets at the click of a button. Isn’t it great, making things easy for your fans, instead of asking them to pay triple postage so you can “have something released in Chile”, Sami? Always nice to see people learning things all the way to the mature age of 39.

If you’re living in Finland, or willing to travel, you can part with your cash here:

We hope the creative minds of the finnish TV world are aware of this momentous circumstance, and realize on time what a “Get Him To The Greek”-styled documentary is waiting to be filmed in the next 48 hours…

The staff of Doomwatchers Anonymous unfortunately cannot make it to the concert, but we have arranged to spend saturday evening at home, reading old interviews where Sami is whining about how he loathes playing live in front of a paying audience. F**k it, we might even spin an old Reverend Bizarre record, to complete the experience.

Break a leg, Sami! Our thoughts are with you, as always…

Shock and Awe! Notoriously Reclusive Artist to Perform Live !

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