Kimi Kärki wants an MTV award !

In a move that totally does not reek of jealousy at his ex-bandmate’s video success earlier this year, Lil’ Kim has turned to video directing, for Uhrijuhla’s “Uhrilehto”, now available on renowned retirement label for ex-members of Reverend Bizarre, Svart Records.

While we can only imagine the unknown pleasures he discovered by following around a girl with a camera, or standing still to film foliage, Sweet Kim still took things to a new level by appearing in the video himself, as a wild man of the forest. Cue creepy looks and pulling faces.

Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to buy the album, so it doesn’t end up in the bargain bin, with Sami’s.




Get some cheap Pussy !

Opium Warlords’ second attempt at making The Emperor’s New Clothes has finally reached its rightful place: the bargain bin. As of March the 4th, it goes on the Svart records website for 5 euros, including postage worldwide…


Albert will whine and moan about the state of the music industry, but the truth of the matter is this: you can record crap, and you can even get a label to release it, but no one will buy it just because you released a coupla good albums 10 years ago.

Reading the Svart promo blurb, we also have some suggestions to make…

Instead of “FILE UNDER:  Outsider music – avantgarde, psychedelia, surrealism, experimentalism, minimalism, drone, sludge, noise, progressive rock, modern music, heaviness, lightness” try having “File Under: crap we thought idiots would buy because this idiot was in Reverend Bizarre”. Honesty is the best policy.

If you have a fiver to burn, go ahead and buy the album. It can make an excellent beverage coaster, conversation starter at the group therapy sessions, or paperweight. And unless we’re wrong (which we’re not), you will soon be able to fill out your Opium Warlords collection with “Sword” and “Droner” at equally competitive prices. With a genius like this, who needs WalMart?

Get some cheap Pussy !

Great Tidings !

Our favourite entertainer Sami Albert Hynninen survived another March 15th (of the year 2015, no less) last week, presumably by the age-proven method of hiding under his bed while clutching his Power Rangers collection and muttering sweet words about his distant friend and altruistic benefactor, Laura Valencia.

Then, on the 18th, he celebrated his birthday and turned 39 ! Here he is, at his party, with all of his friends:

Hyvää syntymäpäivää

Dear Sami, merry wishes for further enlightenments from all of us here at dwa 🙂

Great Tidings !