Uncertainty looms over the recording of “Droner” !

An unnerving lack of updates with regards to the making of “Droner”, Opium Warlords’ magnum opus, has thrown the fanbase into a maelstrom of confusion and speculation, driving them to tears.

“Everything was going great”, says Pölhö Kanamainen, supreme magister of the upper inner circle of the lower outer casket of the unofficial Opium Warlords fan club. “Sami was transcending his reclusivity to keep us up to date, with frequent facebook posts, detailing the creation process of his new masterpiece. We understand the lead, “folk” and recitation vocals have been recorded, edited and autotuned, the percussions nailed in the coffin, the toy glockenspiel parts performed to Sami’s inimitable standard. And then, nothing. No recording updates in over a month!”, concludes Pölhö, with a clear resignation, anxiety and sadness.

Dear readers, please help us help Pölhö… tell us what you know. Have the tap dancing parts been completed? The all-important percussive buttock slaps? The trademark farting on microphones? Or is Sami taking a well-deserved break from the pain and anguish of creation to meditate under some pussy again?

If you know the answer to any of the above, please, we urge you, do not hesitate to contact us. But be considerate of Sami’s undeniable reclusivity and do not enquire with him. Please. Allow him the space he needs in such testing times.

“Peace and Love”

recitation vocals

Uncertainty looms over the recording of “Droner” !